Question: How Many People Have The Name Christine?

What does the name Christine stand for?

Meaning of Christine Christine means “a Christian” and “follower of Christ” (from ancient Greek “christianos”) and “anointed” (from ancient Greek “christós” or Hebrew “mashiyach”)..

Is Christiane a male or female name?

Christiane is a form of the Latin Christiana, feminine form of Christianuis (see Christian), or a Latinized form of Middle English Christin ‘Christian’ (Old English christen, from Latin).

What are some good nicknames for a girl?

Sweet Nicknames For GirlsAlmond Joy.Apple.Apple Pie.Aqua.Baby Cake.Banana Bread.Banana Muffin.Banana Pie.More items…

Is there a Saint Christine?

Saint Christina or Christine may refer to: Saint Christina of Bolsena (Christina of Tyre, Christina the Great Martyr), (feast day: July 24) … Saint Christina the Astonishing (1150 – 1224), (feast day: July 24)

What kind of name is Christine?

follower of Christ Christine as a girl’s name is pronounced kris-TEEN. It is of French and Latin origin, and the meaning of Christine is “follower of Christ”.

What does Christina mean in Hebrew?

Origin. Word/name. Ancient Greek, used to translate Hebrew. Meaning. follower of Christ.

How common is the name Christine?

Ranking 926th in popularity in the United States for girls in 2018, the name Christine is less frequently given. Currently in the top 1000, this name has been part of the top 1000 most popular since 1880, when the Social Security Administration began record keeping.

Is Christine a pretty name?

Christine is a lovely, innocent, beautiful name for a baby girl. Pronounced Kris-teen. … A really good thing about this name is all the cute nicknames it comes with. It’s just really great.

What nationality is the name Christine?

GreekChristine (name)OriginWord/nameGreek via Latin, Hebrew Derived from Hebrew word for MessiahMeaningAnointedRegion of originNorth AmericaOther names3 more rows

Is the name Christine in the Bible?

Christine is a feminine name of Greek or Latin origin. It is derived from the word Christ, and that is the Greek translation in the Hebrew word “Messiah”. It means a follower of Christ or a female Christian.

How do you say Christine in Spanish?

Welcome to the forum! Your wife’s name in Spanish is just as beautiful as it is in English; it is “Cristina” pronounced Cree-stee-nah).