Question: Why Do Earnings Differ Between People Doing The Same Job?

Can employees in same job be classified differently?

However, while it is possible to classify employees with the same job duties differently if their experience varies, Jesse Panuccio, an attorney at Foley & Lardner in Miami, opined that “If employees have the same job title and job duties, they generally should have the same FLSA [Fair Labor Standards Act] ….

Can you sue a company for underpaying you?

When an employer violates wage and hour laws, an employee often can sue the employer. … For example, in some states, you can file a claim for unpaid wages against your employer with the state labor department, which will then hold a hearing to issue a finding on the claim.

What do you do when a coworker makes more than you?

What to do when you find out your co-worker makes more money than you doDon’t act out of immediate anger. I know what you’re thinking: Duh. … Don’t mention specific names or salaries. … Don’t come unprepared with market data. … Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. … Don’t stay at the company out of fear.

Can you pay an employee 2 different hourly rates?

Employers may pay employees more than one rate of pay. In fact, the practice is quite common. Employees might receive higher pay when performing hazardous work or be paid a shift differential for working nights or weekends. In some cases, employers will even establish different hourly rates for different types of work.

What four factors contribute to differences in wages?

Four of the most prominent factors that affect wage differentials are:human capital.working conditions.discrimination.government actions.

Is it OK to discuss salary with coworkers?

Your right to discuss your salary information with your coworkers is protected by the federal government. The National Labor Relations Act states that employers can’t ban the discussion of salary and working conditions among employees. … However, this law doesn’t guarantee you access to salary information.

Should an employee make more than their manager?

When an employee earns more than his or her supervisor, it is normally because the employee’s technical skills are worth more than those of the supervisor. … If your company does not plan to adjust your pay, ask for the rationale behind leaving your salary below that of an employee who reports to you.

Why do salaries differ from state to state?

Workers with both experience and in-demand skills usually earn more that workers in the same occupation that lack similar skills and experience. Location. Wages for workers in the same occupation, and position, can vary drastically from one state to another. This is usually a function of cost of living.

Can we have both exempt and non exempt employees with the same job title?

Not necessarily. The rules for the salary basis test make a fair assumption that employees in the same job classification are likely to be subject to the same policies as other employees in the same group.

How do you prove equal pay discrimination?

If there’s an equal pay case, the employer might have to prove, for example, that the woman’s qualifications and skills are crucial for the job, and that they had difficulties hiring and keeping people in the job now done by the woman. But getting paid more must be nothing to do with their sex.

Can you be paid less for doing the same job?

People doing the same job or work of equal value should get the same or equal pay; but in many cases they don’t, even though though the law says they should. … You are entitled to the same pay as anyone doing the same or broadly similar job, or a job of equal value, regardless of gender.

Why are people paid differently?

Discriminatory Differences in Pay Some differences are discriminatory and a violation of the law. … For example, two laws in California, the Equal Pay Act and the Fair Pay Act, prohibit pay differences based on gender, race or ethnicity and provide the criteria for employees to make a pay-disparity case.

When an employee works the full normal hours in a week but works fewer days this is called?

A part-time work schedule is one in which an employee works fewer than full-time hours. Because of the reduced hours, employees may only work two or three days per week and may not work the regular eight hours per day.

What state has highest salary?

These states reported the highest median hourly wages for all occupations as of May 2016:Alaska: $22.68.Massachusetts: $22.45.Connecticut: $21.68.Washington: $20.87.Maryland: $20.68.New York: $20.56.New Jersey: $20.17.California: $19.67.More items…

What city pays the most?

Workers in the US city with the highest salaries earn an average $77,180 a year—here are the other 9San Diego, California. Average annual salary: $56,410. … Denver, Colorado. Average annual salary: $57,400. … Anchorage, Alaska. … Hartford, Connecticut. … New York, New York. … Seattle, Washington. … Boston, Massachusetts. … Washington, D.C.More items…•