Quick Answer: Can Zoro Defeat Doflamingo?

Can Zoro beat Ichigo?

Although after the timeskip Zoro has drastically improved and could be a good match for Ichigo, Ichigo still wins.

Ichigo, when fighting Aizen, was able to change landscapes with just the swing of his sword.

Zoro has yet to display any auch feats..

Can Zoro beat Lucci?

Zoro- Zoro is taking this effortlessly too, he trained with Mihawk who took him down effortlessly, which Zoro could’ve beat Lucci PTS probably if he’s serious enough, as he was more defensive than Luffy at the time. Usopp- High difference, but Usopp can beat Lucci too.

Can Zoro beat law?

Zoro is certainly physically stronger and a better swordsman, but Law would beat him in a fight because of the nature of his abilities. … I agree, due to matchups, Sanji could possibly beat Law but Zoro might not be able to. He’s not fast enough. Zoro is not weaker than Law, Law’s fruit is stupidly overpowered.

Who is the weakest yonko?


Can Zoro cut seastone?

He fused his Armament haki abilities with the strings which made them so strong and impenetrable. This is why Zoro was not able to cut through the strings. Not only Zoro even Fujitora’s meteorite was unable to pass through it. But the only weakness it has is ” It has no effects on the Seastone”.

Who is stronger mihawk or doflamingo?

Doflamingo is definitely not as strong as Mihawk. while Doflamingo is somewhere between high-tier vice-admiral and low-tier admira level, Mihawk could potentially even be Yonko level, based on the fact that he used to clash with Shanks.

Is doflamingo stronger than Luffy?

Doflamingo is far more stronger than Luffy without any gears. In terms of utilization of their fruit, Doflamingo is better in it, but Luffy’s fruit is a bit stronger. … While Luffy did manage to defeat Doflamingo in Dressrosa using Gear 4, both of them were not fighting fresh.

Who can defeat doflamingo?

LuffyLuffy Defeats Doflamingo in Season 9 Episode 733 Of the Anime One Piece with the title: “Attack on a Celestial – Luffy’s King Kong Gun of Anger”.

Can doflamingo beat aokiji?

Short Answer: Aokiji would win. Long answer: Admirals are known to usually be more powerful than shichibukai since they’re the strongest force thee navy has.

Is law stronger than doflamingo?

Troll question? Law is strong, Doffy is stronger. Doflamingo is just to strong to the point that law never intended to defeat doflamingo go directly but he was trying to get kaido to kill him. Even in the shichibukai there’s rankings.

Can Zoro beat Luffy?

Luffy will defend normal sword attack with haki just like Zoro blocked sword attacks with hands covered in haki in one piece movie. Luffy can defeat pica but Zoro can’t defeat doffy. So Luffy is stronger than Zoro. Another argument is that Zoro has a greater endurance.

Can Luffy beat law?

Luffy defeated Mingo who Law couldn’t defeat, so naturally, Luffy is stronger than Law. But Law’s devil fruit is a tactical type and does not rely on brute strength, rather allows the user to manipulate field and whatever is in his Room.

How strong is Trafalgar law?

Physically, Trafalgar Law is probably around average strength. What makes him strong is his devil fruit power, the op op fruit. And with the op op fruit, he can do some pretty incredible things. Not many people can simply make a ship float with only a thought or two, yet here Law makes it look effortless.

Can doflamingo beat law?

Switch Doffy with one of the rocks that fell into that sea. Apparently strong Haki can protect you against some effects of the fruit. Doflamingo, apparently, isn’t affected by most attacks from the fruit but the much weaker Trebol is affected. …

Who will kill akainu?

So, in my opinion, Akainu will be defeated by Coby when the current Marine system falls. Luffy is quite likely to become one of the most wanted pirates ever. The Fleet Admiral going after such a big shot is only natural. Luffy would love to avenge Ace too.

Who can beat Zoro?

10 Can Beat: Dracule Mihawk Zoro faced Mihawk very early on in the series and needless to say he was washed away by Mihawk’s power. Mihawk is still levels above Zoro in every way possible and if Zoro tries to fight Mihawk it will end in defeat for Zoro. Throughout his fights, Mihawk is never seen struggling.

Is doflamingo dead?

No, he’s in Impel Down, a general rule of thumb, Oda doesn’t kill villains in One Piece vecause he feels death is too forgiving. … No Doflamingo is not dead but in prison in Impel Down.

Who is the weakest Admiral?

Who is the weakest admiral?akainu. 9.6%fujitora. 50.7%kuzan. 13.7%Kizaru. 26.0%