Quick Answer: Does Fiji Have Nice Beaches?

How safe is Fiji?

Fiji is generally a safe place to travel.

However, visitors to Fiji may fall victim to petty crimes such as theft or ATM skimming.

Avoid walking alone at night in urban areas, particularly downtown Suva, lock your car if you have one and keep expensive valuables out of sight..

What part of Fiji is the most beautiful?

Coral CoastThe Coral Coast is often considered to be the most beautiful part of the mainland on Viti Levu. A number of resorts are located along this stretch of coastline and it has plenty of beaches, ocean views and snorkeling opportunities.

Can you swim in the ocean in Fiji?

only 200 swim spots! Bula! From breathtaking beach and island locations to dreamy relaxation, cultural encounters and classic Fijian hospitality, Ocean Swim Fiji is a world-class event and your ultimate swimcation for 2021.

Is Fiji better than Hawaii?

Hawaii is more built-up than Fiji, and on islands like Kauai, you’re able to rent a car and drive around sightseeing different parts of the island or experiencing new food. In contrast, Fijian islands are small and much more resort-focused, but there are fewer crowds in Fiji.

What Fiji is famous for?

What is Fiji Most Famous For?Scuba dive with the manta rays.Must-See: Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple.Immerse yourself in the Fijian culture on Robinson Crusoe Island.Visit the Fiji Museum.Must-See: Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park.Witness the natural beauty of Taveuni Island.Spend time island-hopping by boat.More items…

What is the rainy season in Fiji?

Wet Season: December to April Fiji’s wet season is when heavy rain falls on the islands. Generally, the climate during the wet season is hot and humid during the day. While things can get quite wet, showers don’t usually last for very long, allowing ample time to enjoy some sunshine as well.

Kokoda. Similar to ceviche Kokoda is a fish marinated in citrus juices. … Rourou. Rourou is Dalo or Taro leaves and is similar to spinach. … Lovo. Lovo is a cooking method and when you serve lovo, you serve an array of dishes cooked in a lovo. … Palusami. … Topoi. … Coconut Bread​ … Lolo Buns​ … Cassava Cake.More items…•

What is the best month to visit Fiji?

OctoberOverall, the best time to visit Fiji is from late October to early November when the cost of getting and staying here has not yet reached its peak. During this period, the weather is dry, settled and warm and the beaches and resorts are far less crowded as school is still in.

Are there any crocodiles in Fiji?

The world’s largest living reptile, the saltwater crocodile is found in brackish and freshwater habitats extending east-west from East India to Fiji and north-south from southern China to northern Australia (see a map of the region).

Where do celebrities stay in Fiji?

Laucala Island is Fiji’s most exclusive resort attracting the world’s rich and famous. It’s a private island owned by Red Bull billionaire, Dietrich Mateschitz, home to an ultra-luxe resort attracting the world’s super-rich.

Is Fiji expensive to visit?

Fiji is an expensive country to travel around – even for travelers who are budget-savvy. … There are dorm rooms throughout the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands, and even though some of these are called resorts, they are cheap in the scheme of Fiji accommodation.

Which Fiji Island has the best beach?

Natadola Bay Located on the Coral Coast of the main island of Viti Levu, Natadola Beach is Fiji’s answer to those who want a world-class beach without leaving the mainland. It is the exception to the rule that the beaches on the large island are not as good as the outer islands.

Does Fiji have white sand beaches?

Fiji’s beaches are known to be some of the most pristine and idyllic in the world. These stretches of white sand and gorgeous ocean leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of guests from all around the world.

What part of Fiji is the best to stay?

Best Region in Fiji for Nightlife: Suva. … Best Region in Fiji for Markets: Suva. … Best Region in Fiji for Families: Sunset Strip, Viti Levu Island. … Best Region in Fiji for Vibe & Culture: Vanua Leva Island. … Best Region in Fiji for Weather: Mamanuca Islands. … Best Region in Fiji for Romantic Holidays: Mamanuca Islands.More items…•

What is the best island in Fiji to visit?

10 Best Islands in FijiRobinson Crusoe Island.Taveuni.Kadavu.Viti Levu.Ovalau.Mamanucas Islands.Yasawa Islands.Beqa.More items…

Which is better Bora Bora or Fiji?

When it comes to planning your South Pacific Island trip, there are many things to consider. When it comes to cost and other worldly scuba diving, Fiji is the most effective choice. However, if you want overwater bungalows and adventure on the island, Bora Bora is a great choice.

What are the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world?


What are the beaches like in Fiji?

Maybe you won’t be stranded on these alone, but the worries of the office certainly won’t make the trip.Yasawa Island. If privacy is the name of the game, Yasawa Island must be considered. … Liku Beach. … Natadola Beach. … Honeymoon Beach. … Tokoriki Island. … Horseshoe Bay. … Nanuya Island.

Are there sharks near Fiji?

Tiger sharks, bull sharks and oceanic white tips are some of the species that are known to be dangerous. … Three species of sea snakes reside along Fiji’s rugged coastlines, where they come to the shore to rest.

Are there jellyfish in Fiji?

Responding to questions from this newspaper, the Ministry of Fisheries said in a statement that the two species of jellyfishes found in Fiji were Portuguese man-of-war (Physalia physalis – not a true jellyfish but a carnivore) and box jellyfish (Chironex sp) that can deliver fatal stings but are regarded as rare in …

Does Fiji have snakes?

The Fiji Snake (Ogmodon vitianus), also known as the Bolo Snake, is a species of snake in the family Elapidae. It is monotypic within the genus Ogmodon. It is endemic to Fiji, found only on the island of Viti Levu, and is strongly subterranean.