Quick Answer: How Do I Lower My CPU And GPU Temp?

How do I lower my CPU temperature while gaming?

Clean Out Your Computer.

Reapply Thermal Paste.

If You Have Bad Cable Management, Fix It.

Upgrade Your CPU Cooler.

Add More Case Fans to Your System (or Reconfigure Them) …

Upgrade Your PC Case.

Speed Up Your Existing Fans.

For Laptop Users, Get A Laptop Cooler.More items….

How do I lower the temperature of my GPU on my computer?

How To Lower GPU Temperature – Simple GuideClear The Fan & Heatsink Of Dust.Improve Air Flow In The PC Case.Tweak Fan Speeds.Revert To Non-Overclocked Settings.Drivers.Lower In-Game Graphical Settings.Replace The Thermal Paste.Replace Heatsink/Fan Setup & Consider Investing In Water Cooling.

How do I lower my CPU temperature?

System cooling 101: Ten easy ways to keep your system coolKeep your system away from vents and windows. … Give your system some breathing room. … Close your system’s case. … Clean your fans. … Upgrade your CPU fan. … Add a case fan. … Add a memory cooling fan. … Check your system’s power supply fan.More items…

Does GPU affect CPU temperature?

CPU and GPU coolers are separate and do not touch each other, so there’s no direct way for the video card to transfer heat to the CPU. However, if you have poor case airflow, they can raise the temperature of the air in your case, which can affect the temperature of both.