Quick Answer: How Do You Spell Sure In Slang?

What does Fo Sho mean in texting?

For SureFOSHO means “For Sure”..

Is Fo Sho a word?

interjection. “for sure”.

How do you say for sure in slang?

Hi Jonathan =) you could say fo sho, for real, definitely,deffo, 100% and so on.

What does Forsho mean?

Prepositional phrase fo’ sho’ (slang) Pronunciation spelling of for sure.

What does sure mean from a guy?

Yeah, okaySure means “Yeah, okay.” or “I guess so, nothing else going on” etc. It basically means they may not be thrilled to do what you invited them for, but they’re going along with it. It doesn’t always mean that they hate you or hate the activity.

What can I say instead of for sure?

Synonyms of for sureall right,alright,assuredly,certainly,clearly,definitely,doubtless,easily,More items…