Quick Answer: Is Odoo Really Free?

How does Linux earn money?

Many developers earn their monthly income creating Linux code.

They work for companies that, for one reason or another, have determined that supporting the Linux ecosystem is good for business.

Some are “open source” companies.

Both make money by establishing support contracts with companies that use their products..

Why does Odoo use Python?

Benefits of Using Python: Odoo Python enables businesses to engage customers through email campaigns. Using Odoo python, organizations can built a client base, track leads, monitor performance, and provide long-term customer support. Odoo python is beneficial for employees of an organization.

What is the best free inventory software?

5 best free and open-source inventory management solutionsinFlow Inventory. inFlow Inventory suits businesses of all sizes. … Odoo. Odoo is an open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for businesses of all sizes. … Sortly Pro. … ZhenHub. … Zoho Inventory.

Who created Odoo?

Fabien PinckaersIn 2005, Fabien Pinckaers, the founder and current CEO of Odoo, started to develop his first software product, TinyERP. Three years later, the name was changed to OpenERP. The company started to evolve quickly and in 2010, OpenERP had become a 100+ employee company.

How does Odoo make money?

“Odoo is largely profitable and grows at 60% per year with an 83% gross margin product; so, we don’t need to raise money,” a spokeswoman told us. “Our bottleneck is not the cash but the recruitment of new developers, and the development of the partner network.

What programming language does Odoo use?

Python scriptingOdoo, for example, uses Python scripting. The Odoo Python framework has revolutionized the effectiveness of CRM software and OpenERP.

Does Toyota use Odoo?

Odoo’s Advantage Over Other ERP Solutions Toyota Material Handling in France required an ERP solution, and after evaluating the enterprise-level options on the market, they chose Odoo. … By choosing Odoo, Toyota Material Handling could focus on customizing the ERP’s platform for their business’s unique features.

How many customers does Odoo have?

4.500.000 usersWith the “On-premise” offer, Odoo is the most installed business software in the world. It is used by over 4.500. 000 users worldwide ranging from startup companies (1 user) to large enterprises (300,000+ users).

How does Red Hat make money?

Red Hat has become the icon for other companies to follow: they established that you can make money from open source. … It invested in technology, either acquiring or developing open source components like OpenShift, Ansible, Jboss, OpenStack, Gluster, etc and it’s paying off. It shows in their financial results.

Does open source make money?

In fact, most professional open source companies – including Red Hat, JBoss, and MySQl – have built their entire business by providing free solutions. They generate profits only from additional services. The most common way to get revenue from OSS is to provide paid support.

How much does Odoo cost?

Odoo Community is a free basic plan that includes one app, e.g., CRM. The subscription pricing for the Enterprise version (online and on premise) is $28 per user, per month billed annually (with a $4 discount for new customers), plus the costs of the applications, which starts at $12 per month.

Who uses Odoo?

We have data on 2,939 companies that use Odoo eCommerce….Who uses Odoo eCommerce?Companye-Zest Solutions Ltd.Websitee-zest.netCountryIndiaRevenue100M-200MCompany Size500-10004 more columns

Is Odoo really open source?

Odoo is an open source program and you never pay for it. The opensource version is not crippled. You have full access to the latest versions of the modules through odoo.com, github and other code repositories.

What database does Odoo use?

Postgres is the first database management system that implements Multi Version Concurrency control (MVCC) even before oracle. It is the most advanced database system and highly recommended database particularly for those organization that prefer to use freeware and open source software like odoo.

Is Odoo Studio free?

Odoo Studio allows you to build your own apps without needing to have any coding knowledge. It can be used completely for free as a standalone app or as part of a business suite.