Quick Answer: Is TV MA Worse Than R?

Can you say the N word in a PG 13 movie?

According to an MPAA spokesman, the organization does not have a specific rule on the use of the N-word; instead its usage is considered within the context of each film that the MPAA Ratings Board reviews..

What does TV MA rating mean?

unsuitable for childrenTV-MA. This program is intended to be viewed by mature, adult audiences and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Contains content that is unsuitable for children.

How old is rated R?

17R: Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or guardian. An R-rated motion picture, in the view of the Rating Board, contains some adult material.

How many times can you say the F word in a PG 13 movie?

And you can only say “fuck” once in a PG-13 rated film. Say it twice? You’re slapped with an R-rating. In fact, screenwriter Drew Goddard only intended one use of the word.

Is zombieland ok for a 12 year old?

To be honest, Zombieland’s R-rating is slightly inaccurate; yes, language is frequent, yes, there are some innuendos, and yes, the violence is pretty gruesome, but overall it’s fine for mature teenagers–and even tweens.

Is Ma worse than R?

TV-MA is a more severe rating than R. TV-MA is the equivalent of NC-17 in the US. … Rated R generally means some swearing, violence and minor sexual references. MA on the other hand could mean all of the above plus some very disturbing scenes and images.

What does the R in Rated R mean?

RestrictedR: Restricted, Children Under 17 Require Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian. This rating means the film contains adult material such as adult activity, harsh language, intense graphic violence, drug abuse and nudity.

Why is Jack Ryan TV Ma?

The parents’ guide to what’s in this TV show. Extreme violence: relentless gunfights, bombings, terrorist attacks, etc. Some episodes contain nudity and simulated sex. Strong language is used, but not excessively: “f–k,” “s–t,” “goddamn,” etc. Jack Ryan is a character that appears in a dozen novels by Tom Clancy.

Can a 13 year old watch rated R movies?

Children under age 17 requires an accompanying parent or guardian (age 21 or older) to attend R rated performances. 25 years and under must show ID for R rated performances.

Can a 14 year old see an R rated movie?

Many teens are permitted to watch R-rated movies at a young age. … If a child is 14 and can handle the exposure of an R-rated movie, then that kid should be able to watch that movie. The parent should be the one responsible for what their child watches as they would have a better idea of what their kid can handle.

Can 17 year old see R rated movies?

You must be at least 17 years old or accompanied by a parent or guardian (age 21 or older) to view an R-rated movie. Additionally, children under the age of 6 will not be admitted to an R-rated film after 6:00pm.

Does Unrated mean worse than R?

When a movie is released on DVD after being in theaters, they sometimes add things to the movie and it hasn’t been reviewed by the MPAA. So, they have no official rating to give it. As a result, it’s UNRATED. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worse than ‘R’.

Is NC 17 worse than R?

In September 1990, the MPAA introduced the rating “NC-17” (“No Children Under 17 Admitted”). … Rated PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Rated R: Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Rated NC-17: No children under 17 admitted.

What does PG 12 mean?

Parental guidanceG: Appropriate for people of all ages. PG 12: Parental guidance is required for children under the age of 12. R 15+: People aged 15 and above will be admitted. ID is required to confirm your age. R 18+: People aged 18 and above will be admitted.