Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Disembark?

What does it mean to be waning?

verb (used without object), waned, wan·ing.

to decrease in strength, intensity, etc.: Daylight waned, and night came on.

Her enthusiasm for the cause is waning.

to decline in power, importance, prosperity, etc.: Colonialism began to wane after World War II..

What does the word disembark mean?

verb (used without object) to go ashore from a ship. to leave an aircraft or other vehicle.

What is another word for took off?

What is another word for took off?tooksubtracteddeductedremovedtook awayknocked offeliminatedwithdrewdiscountedcut back31 more rows

What is the meaning of embarkation and disembarkation?

n the act of passengers and crew getting aboard a ship or aircraft. Synonyms: boarding, embarkment Antonyms: debarkation, disembarkation, disembarkment. the act of passengers and crew getting off of a ship or aircraft. Type of: departure, going, going away, leaving. the act of departing.

What is the opposite of took off?

Antonyms for took off. donned, put on, slipped (into), threw (on)

How do you use disembark in a sentence?

Disembark in a Sentence 🔉Once the pilot turns off the seatbelt sign, travelers may prepare to disembark from the plane. … When the cruise ship caught on fire, passengers were able to safely disembark without a single person being injured.More items…

What do you call a ship leaving port?

Departure. The time at which your ship leaves a port. Disembark. Exiting the ship, usually at the end of your cruise. Deck.

What is the antonym of board?

Antonyms. bottlefeed disinherit explode inelasticity disallow. Etymology. board (English) bord (Middle English (1100-1500))

What does transmit mean?

to send or forward, as to a recipient or destination; dispatch; convey. to communicate, as information or news. to pass or spread (disease, infection, etc.) to another.

What is the opposite of take off?

Antonyms for take off. don, put on, slip (into), throw (on)

How do you use baleful in a sentence?

Baleful in a Sentence 🔉With a baleful stare, the gang member pointed his gun at the unarmed police officer. … The witness was frightened when the defendant gave her a baleful glance filled with hatred. … When we approached the frightened dog, it gave us a baleful growl.More items…

What is the meaning of boarded in English?

board verb (GET ON) to get onto or allow people to get onto a boat, train, or aircraft: At London airport she boarded a plane to Australia.

Is it debark or disembark?

Although both debark and disembark can mean to remove passengers from a plane, train, or ship debark is more commonly used for removing bark from a tree whereas disembark is more commonly used when removing passengers from a vessel.

What is the word for getting off a bus?

1 alight, depart, descend, disembark, dismount, escape, exit, leave. 2 detach, remove, shed, take off.

What part of speech is disembark?

disembarkpart of speech:transitive verb & intransitive verbdefinition:to put or go ashore from a ship. Some passengers disembarked at the port in Le Havre while others went on to Southampton. synonyms: debark, land antonyms: board, embark similar words: deplane, detrain, unloadrelated words:arrive, light3 more rows

Is disembark a real word?

Use the verb disembark to describe leaving a ship, airplane or other type of vehicle, like making sure you haven’t left anything in the plane’s overhead compartment before you disembark. Embark means “putting passengers in a plane or on a boat.” Disembark is its opposite.

What is the word for getting off a train?

alight. verb. formal to get off a train, bus, or other vehicle.

What is the phrasal verb of take off?

To ‘take off’ is to begin to fly. The past form is ‘took off’. The aeroplane took off on time. Another meaning of ‘take off’ is when someone or something is moving very quickly.