Quick Answer: What Is The Best Class For The Mp5?

What is the best mp5 loadout in modern warfare?

The MP5 in Call of Duty Warzone is one of the best SMGs, and even one of the best weapons in the game overall….The Best MP5 LoadoutAim-Op Reflex Sight.10mm Mags.Commando Foregrip.Striped Grip Tape..

Is mp5 good in warzone?

In its base form the MP5 in Warzone boasts great damage per shot, a solid rate of fire, easy to manage vertical recoil, and better than average aim down sight speed and sprintout time. … Our MP5 Warzone setup is all about making this the best weapon to use in those awkward close to mid-range battles.

Is the mp5 still the best SMG?

Best SMG in Modern Warfare recommendation: MP5 On the other hand, the MP5 SMG is an excellent option if you’re not as confident in your ability to hit a target at close-range but still like to tussle.

Did they nerf the mp5?

Tucked away within the latest round of patch notes for update 1.23 is a small list of weapon changes that includes nerfs to both the Grau 5.56 ZLR assault rifle and MP5 submachine gun. …

What is the best gun in modern warfare?

M4A1S Tier. These weapons dominate the competition, with the M4A1 being hands down the best assault rifle. The MP5 is its next closest competitor, despite being in a different weapon category. The MP5 and M4A1 are by far the best weapon to use and are endorsed by pro players.

Does FMJ increase damage warzone?

Damage Range with FMJ According to the same testing by jackfrags, FMJ does NOT increase your damage range. That’s all you need to know about using the FMJ weapon perk in Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s not for everyone, but if you fancy it then give FMJ a go and get some sweet wallbang kills.

Is the mp5 good in modern warfare?

The MP5. The MP5 is unlocked at level 12 in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. Its best attributes are its great accuracy and easy control, making it very effective at mid-range, even with your finger held down firmly on the trigger.

Is the mp5 or mp7 better?

The MP5 has the superior time to kill when compared to the MP7, but it falls ever so slightly short because it’s harder to land those shots and you can only upgrade it to a maximum mag capacity of 40 rounds.

What’s the max level for mp5 modern warfare?

The MP5 is available at Level 12 and has a weapon max level of 57. It is one of the Top Tier weapons in the game and is one of the most frequently used guns in the game.

Did the mp7 get nerfed warzone?

M4A1 and MP7 nerfs in Warzone After some in-game testing, TheXclusiveAce debunked these theories when it comes to multiplayer, but was unable to come to that same conclusion in Warzone, leaving his investigation open for now.