Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Inadvertently?

What is another word for influx?

What is another word for influx?inflowinrushfluxinpouringinundationarrivalrushconvergenceincomeentrance5 more rows.

What is the meaning of inadvertence?

noun. lack of attention; heedlessness. an instance or an effect of being inadvertent; oversight; slip.

What is the opposite of inadvertently?

Definition: with full knowledge and deliberation. Antonyms: advertently, mindfully, heedfully. Definition: in a careful deliberate manner.

What is another word for indirectly?

Indirectly Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for indirectly?circumlocutorilyobliquelydiffuselydiscursivelyevasivelysecondhandby implicationnot immediatelynot in so many wordsin a roundabout way52 more rows

Where does pique come from?

Barcelona, SpainGerard Piqué/Place of birth

How do you use Pique in a sentence?

Pique in a Sentence 🔉Hopefully the movie trailer will pique the interest of moviegoers and motivate them to buy tickets to see the film. … The mysterious stain on the church wall is sure to pique the curiosity of a number of religious fanatics.More items…

What does unpremeditated mean?

: not characterized by willful intent and forethought : not planned in advance : not premeditated unpremeditated murder.

What is the meaning of inadvertent error?

adjective. Marked by or resulting from carelessness; negligent: an inadvertent error; an inadvertent omission. Not deliberate or considered; unintentional: an inadvertent remark; inadvertent humor. See Synonyms at careless.

What is pique in English?

It comes from a French word meaning literally “to prick,” but its earliest English use was as a noun. The noun is still used: a pique is a transient feeling of wounded vanity—a kind of resentment.

What does Inflex mean?

Verb. (third-person singular simple present inflexes, present participle inflexing, simple past and past participle inflexed) To bend; to cause to become curved; to make crooked; to deflect.

What does piquing mean?

verb piques, piquing or piqued (tr) to cause to feel resentment or irritation. to excite or arouse. (foll by on or upon) to pride or congratulate (oneself)

How do you use inadvertently in a sentence?

He’d already inadvertently caused her enough problems. The water is so crystal clear that one inadvertently steps into it. She was mentally tough but fatigued by the events that occurred since they inadvertently met on a night similar to this one.

What is the synonym of inadvertently?

SYNONYMS. accidentally, by accident, unintentionally, unwittingly. unawares, without noticing, in all innocence. by mistake, mistakenly.

How do you use the word influx?

Examples of influx in a Sentence The city is preparing for a large influx of tourists this summer. The company has had a sudden influx of capital.

What does influx mean?

noun. act of flowing in. an inflow (opposed to outflux): an influx of tourists. the place at which one stream flows into another or into the sea. the mouth of a stream.