Quick Answer: What Lights Do You Turn On When Driving At Night?

Why is everyone driving with their headlights on today?


Daytime running lights have been standard on most cars (not just GM) for several years now.

They’re intented as a safety feature to help drivers see one another.

No, they don’t really shorten battery life or anything – the alternator provides more than enough power to power them and not pull from the battery..

What lights do you turn on when driving in rain?

Heavy rain, snow, sleet or fog Any time your visibility is less than 150 metres because of heavy rain, for example, you’ll want to use your low beams headlights. If you were to use your high beams in thick fog, for example, the light would get reflected back to you.

Do daytime running lights come on at night?

As you noted, many cars with daytime running lights require full headlights/taillights to be activated manually. … At night time or in darkness, driving a car or truck without two low-beam headlights and at least one taillight illuminated are violations. Daytime running lights are insufficient.

At what time of day should your headlights be turned on?

Headlights must be in use from sunset to sunrise. Headlights must also be in use whenever windshield wipers are in use. Headlights should be turned on when you cannot see more than 500 feet in front of you.

Why do my headlights turn on by themselves?

The vehicle may be having issues with the headlight circuitry. This may mean that the sensor, photocell, body control module, replacement headlight, or a fuse/relay has failed. Something is allowing power to be sent to the headlights when the vehicle should be off.